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Full Price for 2021: $156.95 ($110 entry fee + $40 1st year deposit + 6.95 SHGN Fee*)
2 years (2021 and 2022)
Make an offer: $ total (Entry Fees + 1st Year Deposit + SHGN fee)

Current High Bid: $88 by Sa*******es
  If you pay below full price, you will not not have paid a deposit that can be returned.
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  • There may be and will likely be multiple people claiming the same team. We do not contact people who don't get the team.
  • Claims will be sent each morning for teams where there have been no bids on that team in at least 24 hours. Team must be paid for the same day the claim is won/sent.
  • If an available team's high bid is under full cost, it may be held open until it hits full price or until Orphan Palooza.
  • Turn location on to pay -- Use credit card or balance. Do not pay with bank (ACH or E-Check) -- Do not use an Apple Id hidden email relay to join.
  • SHGN Fee - All leagues have a SHGN fee that helps cover the cost of regulatory fees, licenses, and hosting. All bids must cover at least this, so the lowest bid allowed is $8. Anything less will not win a team.
  • Deposits on Dynasty teams are about 1/3rd of entry. It is only paid your 1st year in the league. That is the lowest deposits in the industry. If you leave, it gets forfeited and helps with orphan costs. If the league ends and you are a paid up member of the league still, you get it back.
  • If you pay below full price, you will have not paid a deposit that can be returned at any point.
  • People who have orphaned 3 or more teams may not be able to buy orphans or new teams.
League/Team Information Roster Drafts/Standings
SafeLeagues Dynasty 152 - Premium (SF/TE)
Orphan Price
+ $40 deposit + $6.95 SHGN fee
Current High Bid:
$88 total for 1 year(s)
Type Premium Dynasty
Tight End Premium
Entry/yr $110
Deposit $40
Progressive Pot $300

All draft picks the team owns are listed above. There may not be any.
The "All Future Draft Picks" wording is a link to see the league's draft picks.

2021 Draft Order
Pick PP Team
1 1823.72 Team GreenMan - Paid for 2021
2 2057.78 Liquid Laxative Man - Paid for 2021
3 2107.42 froo fighters
4 2107.88 Snakebite Sarsaparilla - Paid for 2021
5 2150.80 Spreadsheet Warriors - Paid for 2021
6 2196.16 ORPHAN - Messengers of Death
7 2268.46 Bath Beach - Paid for 2021
8 2287.46 Hemorrhoid Emoji - Paid for 2021
9 2384.28 Buckfever - Paid for 2021
10 2413.48 The Beast - Paid for 2021
11 2532.82 Christian Mccaffrey's dreamy dreamy eyes
12 2705.64 Favrefromgood - Paid for 2021

Draft Position shown, not final until after season
Draft position does not include trades

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