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MAKE SURE TO CHECK SPAM FOR EMAIL/LINK. It comes from a noreply email and sometimes gets filtered there.

We will try to send out payment links daily (or even several times per day) for new claims.

There may be and will likely be multiple people claiming the same team. We do not contact people who don't get the team. If someone doesn't pay for the team within 12 hours... we go to the next on the list.

You can still pay after 12 hours has passed, but you may end up getting refunded if it has been grabbed by someone else.

You have 12 hours after the link is sent to make payment. After that it will go to the next person.

Please do not use echeck/ACH if you can avoid it. The system doesn't recognize a payment until those clear (sees the team as unpaid) and will move onto the next person, so someone might buy a team out from under you before it clears.

*SHGN Fee - All SafeLeagues and Throwback Leagues have a SHGN fee that helps cover the cost of regulatory fees and licenses and also the cost of the league host site we use, MyFantasyLeague.

People who have orphaned 3 or more teams from 2019 may not be able to buy orphans or new teams.

People who abandoned teams in season may not be able to purchase orphans or new teams.















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