Welcome to the SafeLeagues orphanage! All of the teams listed here are teams in existing dynasty and keeper leagues that are looking for a new owner.
Look around by clicking a league type below, if you don't see one you like, come back later there will likely be new teams.

SafeLeagues Dynasty Leagues

- No DST or K,
- 28 player roster
- FAAB waivers
- Progressive pots

SafeLeagues Best Ball Dynasty Leagues

Rules -
- No in season management
- 32 player roster
- No DST or K,

- Progressive pots

SafeLeagues Empire Dynasty Leagues

- Huge Progressive Pots,
- League disbands when won back to back,
- reigning champ can't trade

- 22 player roster

Throwback Dynasty Leagues

- Only 1 required RB spot,
- DST and Kickers,
- Rolling Waivers,
- Weekly high score payouts

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